This Is Sleep Diagnostics

    1. Terms of Endearment

    2. Welcome to the Grid

    3. Brainiac

    4. Vroom Vroom Ventilatory

    5. A Snore, A Gasp, An Apnea, A Mask

    6. Hearty Heart Heart

    7. Ty Yerd

    8. Better but changed

    9. CPAP & The Affiliates

    10. PSG vs. HST


If it's sleep you want, you got it! Join the dark side! This course delivers deep insight into sleep diagnostics with one of your favorite sleep people, Ken Hooks. You will gain a strong understanding of sleep monitoring and how it translates into reporting. You will not want to miss this information. Trust me, the clouds surrounding sleep will be blown away.

  • $250.00
  • 11 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content

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